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The Insomniac

They say you shouldn’t mix stimulants (coffee) with alcohol, but The Insomniac is just too good to not try! INGREDIENTS: 2/3 oz vodka 2/3 oz Frangelico (or any other nut liqueur) 2/3 oz Kova (or any other coffee liqueur like Kahlua) 1 oz espresso 1 oz half and half INSTRUCTIONS: Add all ingredients to aContinue reading “The Insomniac”


The Fizzy Bing-O

We had gone cherry picking recently, so now we are trying to come up with any and all recipes using fresh cherries. The Fizzy Bing-O is a fun and refreshing cocktail great for the summer months! INGREDIENTS: 10 freshly muddled bing cherries 1.5 oz bourbon 1 oz vodka 0.5 oz lemon juice 0.25 oz simpleContinue reading “The Fizzy Bing-O”

Coffee Martini

Need an eye-opener that also has caffeine? Then the Coffee Martini is just for you! INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz coffee liquor (we used Kova, but Kahlua or anything similar works) 1.5 oz vodka 0.75 oz black coffee Coffee bitters 3 coffee beans for garnish INSTRUCTIONS: Add coffee liquor, vodka, and coffee into cocktail mixer and shakeContinue reading “Coffee Martini”

Sunday Screwdriver

When life gives you oranges, make a Sunday Screwdriver! I suppose you don’t HAVE to have it on Sundays, especially since every day feels vaguely like a weekend when you’re sheltering at home. Except you also realize life goes on and you still have deadlines to meet and virtual meetings to attend. To make aContinue reading “Sunday Screwdriver”