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Overnight Pizza Dough

We’ve been getting into baking/bread making due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. Homemade Overnight Pizza Dough is amazing because it has such wonderful flavor, and we can make it thin crust (which is how I like it). However, it does take some planning and you have to make it at least the day before youContinue reading “Overnight Pizza Dough”


Sunday Screwdriver

When life gives you oranges, make a Sunday Screwdriver! I suppose you don’t HAVE to have it on Sundays, especially since every day feels vaguely like a weekend when you’re sheltering at home. Except you also realize life goes on and you still have deadlines to meet and virtual meetings to attend. To make aContinue reading “Sunday Screwdriver”

The Shelter in Place

We’ve named this cocktail The Shelter in Place, given the timing of recent events surrounding COVID-19. This sinful concoction is slightly sweet with a surprisingly delicious popcorn-y aftertaste. It basically tastes like brown sugar caramelized popcorn in drink form. To make the brown butter fat-washed, popcorn-infused bourbon, the first step is to brown the butterContinue reading “The Shelter in Place”