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Seafood Boil (“The Whole Shebang Sauce”)

I. Love. Seafood. And there’s nothing better than sitting outside during the summertime devouring pounds of it! Our Seafood Boil uses The Whole Shebang copycat sauce from Boiling Crab. It’s garlicky, spicy, and finger-licking good! INGREDIENTS: 2 lbs shrimp 2 lbs manilla clams 2 heads garlic, diced 1.5 sticks unsalted butter 2 lemons 2 tspContinue reading “Seafood Boil (“The Whole Shebang Sauce”)”


Pizza For Days – 2

When I said pizza for days, I literally meant that I was actually eating pizza for several days. To keep things interesting, we made different pizzas! Check out our Pizza Dough recipe and our other pizza recipes! Barbecue Chicken Pizza: BBQ sauce – Pick your favorite. You can use Sweet Baby Rays, but we alwaysContinue reading “Pizza For Days – 2”

Pizza For Days

If you have pizza dough on hand, or you want to make your own (click here for our Pizza Dough recipe), the hardest part is putting together your toppings. A few of my favorites are listed below. Of note, I highly recommend a baking steel or stone; I got my baking steel off Amazon. It’sContinue reading “Pizza For Days”