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Overnight Bread

I love homemade bread, especially the smell of a freshly-baked loaf coming out of the oven. The Overnight Bread doesn’t require too much effort, yet it yields a very versatile product. INGREDIENTS: (yields 1 round loaf) 500 g all-purpose flour 390 g of 90 degree water 11 g salt 1/8 tsp instant yeast INSTRUCTIONS: InContinue reading “Overnight Bread”


Pizza For Days

If you have pizza dough on hand, or you want to make your own (click here for our Pizza Dough recipe), the hardest part is putting together your toppings. A few of my favorites are listed below. Of note, I highly recommend a baking steel or stone; I got my baking steel off Amazon. It’sContinue reading “Pizza For Days”

Overnight Pizza Dough

We’ve been getting into baking/bread making due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. Homemade Overnight Pizza Dough is amazing because it has such wonderful flavor, and we can make it thin crust (which is how I like it). However, it does take some planning and you have to make it at least the day before youContinue reading “Overnight Pizza Dough”