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Empress Gin Sour

Not only does this cocktail have an absolutely gorgeous hue, the Empress Gin Sour is one of the latest cocktails I jones for after a long day at work. INGREDIENTS: 2 oz Empress 1908 gin 0.75 oz lemon juice 0.75 oz simple syrup Egg white INSTRUCTIONS: Place ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and shakeContinue reading “Empress Gin Sour”


Empress Lemonade

This colorful cocktail uses one of my favorite gins, Empress 1908. The hue of this gin gives the Empress Lemonade a gorgeous and vibrant layered look! INGREDIENTS: 2 oz Empress 1908 Gin 1 oz honey syrup 2 oz lemonade INSTRUCTIONS: Combine honey syrup and lemonade into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until wellContinue reading “Empress Lemonade”


The Juillet is a perfect cocktail to sip while dancing around the kitchen whipping up another fabulous meal. Or you could sip it while contemplating what New Years Resolutions you plan on not keeping this year. INGREDIENTS: 1 oz sweet vermouth (preferably Punt E Mes) 1 oz dry vermouth (preferably Dolin) 0.25 oz St. GermainContinue reading “Juillet”

Lychee Gimlet

Lychee is my most favorite fruit. What better way to enjoy this fruit than in a Lychee Gimlet cocktail! INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz gin 0.5 oz Cointreau 0.75 oz lime juice 0.25 oz simple syrup 2 oz lychee juice 1 lychee, for garnish INSTRUCTIONS: Combine ingredients into shaker, then add ice. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.Continue reading “Lychee Gimlet”

The Insomniac

They say you shouldn’t mix stimulants (coffee) with alcohol, but The Insomniac is just too good to not try! INGREDIENTS: 2/3 oz vodka 2/3 oz Frangelico (or any other nut liqueur) 2/3 oz Kova (or any other coffee liqueur like Kahlua) 1 oz espresso 1 oz half and half INSTRUCTIONS: Add all ingredients to aContinue reading “The Insomniac”

Honey Marmite Old Fashioned

In an effort to try to use marmite in everything we eat (and drink), Akshay concocted the Honey Marmite Old Fashioned. Surprisingly delicious, the marmite brings added depth to the cocktail flavors. INGREDIENTS: 0.25 tsp Marmite 3 tsp honey 3 tsp water 2 shots of whisky (we used Monkey Shoulder, but anything smooth works) INSTRUCTIONS:Continue reading “Honey Marmite Old Fashioned”

Bacon Fat-Washed Bourbon

We’ve been eating a lot of bacon recently, which means we have a lot of bacon fat to play with. Inspired by The Shelter in Place cocktail we made a few nights before, Akshay and Connie concocted the Bacon Fat-Washed Bourbon To make this cocktail: Fat-wash bourbon (we used Bulleit) using bacon fat for 2-3Continue reading “Bacon Fat-Washed Bourbon”