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Coffee Martini

Need an eye-opener that also has caffeine? Then the Coffee Martini is just for you! INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz coffee liquor (we used Kova, but Kahlua or anything similar works) 1.5 oz vodka 0.75 oz black coffee Coffee bitters 3 coffee beans for garnish INSTRUCTIONS: Add coffee liquor, vodka, and coffee into cocktail mixer and shakeContinue reading “Coffee Martini”


Bacon Fat-Washed Bourbon

We’ve been eating a lot of bacon recently, which means we have a lot of bacon fat to play with. Inspired by The Shelter in Place cocktail we made a few nights before, Akshay and Connie concocted the Bacon Fat-Washed Bourbon To make this cocktail: Fat-wash bourbon (we used Bulleit) using bacon fat for 2-3Continue reading “Bacon Fat-Washed Bourbon”

The Shelter in Place

We’ve named this cocktail The Shelter in Place, given the timing of recent events surrounding COVID-19. This sinful concoction is slightly sweet with a surprisingly delicious popcorn-y aftertaste. It basically tastes like brown sugar caramelized popcorn in drink form. To make the brown butter fat-washed, popcorn-infused bourbon, the first step is to brown the butterContinue reading “The Shelter in Place”